Favorite Nintendo Music: Song of Storms

When I tried to decide on my favorite Nintendo song, I came up with a long list of examples spanning various decades and countless games.  There are, in fact, dozens and dozens of songs from Nintendo that I really enjoy, leading me to realize that I might need to look at things from a different angle to arrive at my answer.  Instead, I’m going to briefly discuss my most nostalgic song from Nintendo’s vast collection, the Song of Storms.

Videos from YouTube User: GilvaSunner

This probably seems like a rather odd choice.  The Song of Storms, first heard in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, all the way back during the N64 days, is a very simple song that takes about 20 seconds before it repeats.  The song is played to make it rain and is learned from a strange man (named Guru-Guru in Majora’s Mask) who plays that very song on an odd instrument that people say is like a combination of a phonograph and a grinder organ (I always thought it was akin to a hurdy-gurdy myself…).

Having played Majora’s Mask before OoT, my original encounter with this person was when he told Link an odd story about being in an animal troupe, the leader of which was a dog, whose mask he stole out of jealousy.  Yeah, he’s a weird guy.  In fact, if you read my previous post on my favorite Nintendo game, you’ll understand how my encounter with Guru-Guru in Clock Town was one of my earliest gaming memories.

Likewise, my previous post also explained why Majora’s Mask has a very special meaning to me.  In case you missed it, I’ll summarize it for you.  This game represents my childhood, particularly a more stable period before life kind of…went downhill.  Because of the time period in which I first played the game, Majora’s Mask makes me feel a strange sense of safety, of having travelled back in time.  Of going home after a long absence.

Of being a kid again.

And if there was one song that represented the feeling that Majora’s Mask gives me, it would be the Song of Storms.  I don’t really know why that song in particular, out of many good songs in the game, is the one that gives me that blissful sense of nostalgia.  But whenever I hear it, I just feel…happy.

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