Kingdom Hearts III Re: Mind DLC is Coming Winter 2019

The first batch of Kingdom Hearts III DLC is coming this winter, and…it’s looking fun at least. This influx of content will bring new bosses to overcome and a new form for Sora to master. There might even be a new area to explore too, but it’s difficult to tell from this trailer.

As you may have guessed, there are new story beats coming to the game too. This should be pretty exciting for those fans who are heavily invested in the plot and lore of the Kingdom Hearts series, but perhaps not so much for everyone else. The story was already nearly-impenetrable before Kingdom Hearts III was released, but now it’s somehow gotten even more twisted and confusing. Ah well, guess story doesn’t matter all that much when you’re having fun.

Are you looking forward to more Kingdom Hearts III? What’s got you the most psyched for it?

Lede image is the official DLC logo