“Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights” May Foreshadow Dragon Age 4’s Setting

Talk about a paper-bound tease! A newly-announced collection of Dragon Age short stories subtitled “Tevinter Nights” is setting DA fan’s radars ablaze (mine included) with the hopes that it might provide a big clue as to where things may be headed the next Dragon Age game. That “where” is the mysterious Tevinter Imperium.

As my gaming travels have recently taken me back into the world of Dragon Age, this setting—Tevinter— makes sense after the events of Dragon Age: Inquisition, and particularly its DLC, Trespasser. Over the course of three Dragon Age games, its world has slowly opened in different ways. From the initial introduction of Fereldan in Dragon Age: Origins, to the confines of Kirkwall in the Free Marches in Dragon Age II, to the addition of Orlais, Fereldan’s neighbor, in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Looking at a full map of Thedas, the continent on which Dragon Age is set, all these spots lie in its southern half. Up north, beyond the Free Marches, lies the region known as the Tevinter Imperium, along with a few notable placenames that ring familiar bells, such as the Anderfels, Antiva, Rivain, and the Qunari homeland of Par Vollen. Given than these areas have so far been invoked in name only through the series, why not treat players to some new sights and sounds?

I must admit that my own wishlist for Dragon Age 4 includes a trip to Par Vollen, but maybe we’ll get to do so via Tevinter, a land ruled by mages and magic. As a player, I’ve found worthy causes on both sides of the mage vs. templar debate. But more often than not, my sympathies extends to the mages, often feared and misunderstood in Fereldan and the Free Marches, at least. So I don’t wonder how those feelings might change if I were to be plopped in the middle of a place where mages rule freely. We get to see different sides of Tevinter in the series – through the eyes of former slave of a Tevinter magistrate, to that an ostracized Tevinter mage, to one, in word only, marking the region as deprived and derelict. The potential of seeing how all those views mesh within Tevinter itself is nothing short of highly intriguing.

Ah, well. As there is no new Dragon Age news coming out of BioWare yet, it yet remains enjoyable to speculate. And what better thing to do in the downtime than read Dragon Age stories! “Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights” releases to the public in March 2020.

[Article source: TechRadar]

Lede image (© EA, BioWare) was taken by author during gameplay of Dragon Age: Inquisition using GeForce Experience.

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