New Hero ‘Sigma’ Coming to Overwatch

Overwatch will be gaining another cast member soon, but this one is going to be a little different from the rest. Like the others, Sigma has his own suite of unique abilities. Unlike just about every other character though, he’s suffering from a…split of sorts.

video from YouTube channel: PlayOverwatch

We don’t yet know who exactly Sigma was or what he wanted to do with the fruits of his research. We do know that he was intent on changing the world somehow though, and it seems that vague, yet intense desire is all that remains of the man he once was. Unfortunately for the world, change can come in many forms, and not always for the the betterment of mankind.

The Sigma who emerged from his accident is a man split into at least three persons: a man afraid of the enormity of what he’s seen, a man who’s mastered the knowledge and intends to reshape the world with it, and a man who has no qualms using it to unleash unmitigated chaos upon the planet. The worst part: that last guy seems to be the dominant personality.

What do you think of Sigma? What about Overwatch itself? Is a new hero every so often enough to keep the game going into 2020 and beyond?

Lede image from Sigma reveal trailer