I’m Pretty Keen on the Nintendo Switch Lite

It’s true that my Nintendo fandom has worn thin with time. In 2013, I lightly considered getting a 2DS, but I just wasn’t in a mobile gaming mindset. I’ve watched as the Nintendo Switch has slowly but surely won over the hearts and minds of gamers since its 2017 release, but I’ve only watched. I tried to get back into the swing of things early this year with playing Breath of the Wild on our oft-ignored Wii U, but even that stalled. While a small part of me would like to rekindle something with that famous princess and plumber, at least, it’s still hard for me to want to fork over the cash both for a Switch and its games.  Not only do I have too much to play as is, but where the heck would I put it? Next to our lonely Wii U to gather up some of its dust? It’s just not worth it.

Enter in the recent announcement of the Nintendo Switch Lite, however, and I’m…intrigued.

Video from YouTube user GameTrailers

For one, with the NS Lite I could see myself getting back into mobile gaming since have a more decent commute than I once did. And two, the NS Lite doesn’t require a TV connection, which is wonderful considering the overall lack of HDMI ports when it comes to our TVs. As well, it seems that most of the Switch’s current library will playable on the Lite; I get that checking game boxes (physically or virtually) to make sure they support handheld play will be a thing. I’m certainly not worried about the lack of a rumble feature, motion controls, or support for some multiplayer games. I also like that the NS Lite is a single unit – no joycons to worry about attaching, or losing, or not connecting properly.

On the downside, the battery life, listed at 3-7 hours versus the Switch’s 2.5-6.5 hours, is fine but not fantastic. I could see myself getting a little annoyed at having to stop to recharge the unit in the midst of the lengthy session or at a less-than-suitable moment during a tough game. Getting an NS Lite would also mean that I’d have to re-commit to a new gaming ecosystem. I hold some guilt for not making the most of my Wii U, and I’d really hate for the initial NS Lite love hangover to end with me abandoning it after just a few months. (Considering that I’d mostly be playing on-the-go, this may be an unfounded concern, but still…that Wii U guilt is steadfast.) I’m also not sure that I’m ready to start building up a new physical game library, as there’s no indication that we’ll be able to download games onto the NS Lite. This hearkens back to the days of the Nintendo DS and seems like a step backwards? No specs have been released yet for the hardware, so maybe this is a wait-and-see issue.

I have plenty of time to weight my personal pros and cons before the Nintendo Switch Lite makes its debut in late September.  For now, I’m pretty keen on this little magical mobile gaming device. In the meantime, maybe I’ll take another look at the Switch’s library to see all that I’ve been missing.

(Side note: Looks like the world could soon see an improved version of the Switch with longer battery life? Boy, howdy!)

Lede image captured from Nintendo Switch Lite – Official Site © Nintendo


  1. darthtimon says:

    I’m not sure about the Lite. To me, the fundamental principle of the Switch is to…. Well…. Switch! Without the ability to dock, is it really even a Switch?

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    1. cary says:

      Haha, you make a good point! (A friend of mine said that it should be called the “Un-Switch.”) Without the “switch” concept in play, it is just another handheld console. Nintendo is as Nintendo does. 🙂


  2. DDOCentral says:

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  3. Hatm0nster says:

    Switch Lite is definitely a great option for people who want the system and have no intention of playing it on their TV. The cheaper price helps make the case for it too, especially if the features it’s missing were never really important to you anyway. It’s odd that some games might not work on it though, just about every game I’ve seen for the system works in handheld mode, so why wouldn’t they work on the Switch Lite?

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    1. cary says:

      That’s a good question. I did a little “window shopping” for Switch games this past weekend, and every one I looked at has the appropriate icon for handheld play. Maybe it has more to do with multiplayer ones, where each person gets a joycon?

      The NS Lite’s no-TV option, mobile versatility, lower price are all wins for me. But, the regular Switch has garnered a lot of attention in my house recently thanks to the release of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. So… it looking like we might have a decision to make come September. 🙂

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      1. Hatm0nster says:

        Didn’t think of multiplayer. Yeah, that would definitely get affected by the lack of detachable joy-cons. Speaking of September, are you thinking of picking up the Link’s Awakening with the Switch (should you decide to get one?)

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        1. cary says:

          To be honest, I haven’t yet chosen any games that I might want. (The list of what’s available is pretty intimidating!) Any Zelda and Mario games are good contenders, if only for the sake of comfort and familiarity. Link’s Awakening looks really pretty, and I never played the original, so…maybe?

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  4. cary says:

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    I’ve been waffling on the Nintendo Switch of late – it’s something I want but don’t really need. And then in walks the announcement of the Nintendo Switch Lite, a purely mobile take on the system, and I’m even more intrigued. Over on Virtual Bastion, I recently discussed the new system and the notion of resetting my tent in the Nintendo camp.


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