Day 23: Game with the Best Graphics or Art Style

Continuing my way ever so slowly through the 30 days of video game topics, we come to the game with the best graphics or art style.  Though in recent times, I was thoroughly impressed with the graphics of Kingdom Hearts 3, which are easily some of the best I’ve ever seen, I wanted instead to discuss my favorite gaming art style instead, the honor of which goes to Rayman Origins and Legends.

I have always loved the art style in Rayman games.  While they aren’t always the best looking games on their respective consoles (as far as traditional opinion on good graphics go), they are often some of the most beautiful.  The natural environments are just so lush and detailed, and even the architecture manages to be equally intricate and organic.  The characters themselves, from friends and foes alike, are also very whimsical in their own way.  Everything in the games, in fact, just feel so natural and lifelike.

The best example comes in the form of Rayman Origins’ and Legends’ cartoony, 2D art style.  Admittedly, I was originally disappointed when I discovered that Rayman Origins was going to be a sidescroller after enjoying the more open style of Rayman 2 and 3, but I quickly grew to love the game for its fun platforming, amazing soundtrack, and of course, breathtaking environments.  There’s really not much more to say, as this is one of those things you just need to experience to believe.  (As such, I invite you to look up some screenshots from the games.  Seriously, this game is a work of art.)  Rayman Origins and Legends are some of the most gorgeous games I have ever seen, so they were an easy pick.

Of course, I’d like to hear your thoughts, as well, dear readers.  What game do you think has the best graphics or art style?  Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Screenshot by Flickr User: Entertainment Nexus

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