Challenge Mode: Fighting Dark Yabu in Vexx

A good deal of the time, I’m not a big fan of boss fights.  Many of them are long and tedious and generally not a whole lot of fun.  Other times, they are brutally difficult, and when these battles are of the final-boss variety, it’s only my obsessive desire to finish everything I start that forces me to complete what amounts to a miserable challenge indeed.  Fortunately, sometimes there are a few tips that can make what used to be a near-impossible task just a bit more pleasant.

Vexx is an obscure game that I absolutely adore, even if some of the later stages are way more frustrating than they are fun.  But there is nothing more aggravating in this already challenging game than the final boss fight against Dark Yabu.  The battle is broken into three parts, with part one and three being the easiest.  The only issue here is that part one is ridiculously tedious, as it involves fighting off hordes of enemies and hoping desperately that you’ll start part two with a decent amount of health.  Part three is pretty easy, though it’s so tough to get to this point, the pressure’s really on not to fail.

The main obstacle is the second stage of the battle when Yabu transforms into a giant…spider…thing.  Not only has he increased his ugliness tenfold, but he now possesses a small arsenal of attacks which take the utmost focus to avoid, as misreading the signals and reacting too slowly is all too common and a surefire way to get killed…fast.  After struggling through this battle playthrough after playthrough, I finally looked online for a way to make completing this game easier, and I’d like to share these methods below.  I want to give a special thanks to WishingTikal, who wrote a very helpful guide on IGN.

When facing off against Yabu’s weird spider-form, it is vital you predict his moves so as to give yourself the best chance to react.  With Vexx’s meager health, I think it takes only three hits for him to die, so that doesn’t give you much room for error.  I was always tempted to run around and try to avoid Yabu’s attacks, but I learned that the best way to defeat him is to stand still.  If you stand around the center, you can usually jump straight up to avoid most of Yabu’s attacks, only running when he decides to shoot fireballs.  This also makes it far easier to focus on his movements so that you won’t be caught unawares.  It’s a simple tip, but one that saved me tons of heartache.

The second tip involves actually damaging the fiend.  When Yabu tries to grab you, you need to jump up and attack his head.  At this point, you typically need to run around behind him, attack his abdomen to flip him over, then ground pound his weak spot.  Unfortunately, after you’ve done some damage, Yabu recovers so quickly, it’s nearly impossible to flip him over in time.  Last time I played the game, I struggled with this time and time again, only to find that there is an immensely helpful shortcut.  What you need to do is, upon stunning him, uppercut in the direction of Yabu’s backside.  This will cause Vexx to go right beneath him without the need to run around Yabu’s bulk.  With this simple attack, you can flip him over within a split second of stunning him.

Video from Youtube User: Virtual Bastion

There are few boss fights that I dread like this one, and few whose completion I celebrate with such fervor.  I’m just grateful I was able to find a few useful tricks for making the battle a bit less horrendous, and hopefully these tricks can benefit anyone else struggling with completing this amazing, but difficult, game.

And now it’s time for you, my dear readers, to share your own thoughts.  What is a particularly tough boss battle that you dread having to complete?  Are there any games you simply refuse to finish because the final boss is so unpleasant?  Please let me know in the comments below!