Borderlands 3 Gets Cool ‘ECHOcast’ Twitch Extension

Not content to just release a new Borderlands game later this year and let the money roll in, Gearbox has announced a brand-new feature that’s certain to get streaming fans pumped for the chance to watch it on Twitch as well as play it.

(Video from YouTube channel: Borderlands)

As seen in the trailer above, this new feature is a Twitch extension that Gearbox is calling “ECHOcast.” Using this tool, Twitch audiences can get the full scoop on what their favorite streamer is using during the stream, what they’ve got stored in their backpack, and even their full character build via the skill tree screen. No longer will audience members have to bombard streamers to find out what they’re using; they can just check it out for themselves now. Furthermore, they can win loot for themselves by linking their SHiFT and Twitch accounts, and then participating in special events triggered by specific chests found in-game. Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it? I think so.

Fans can install the extension today and use it during the Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal starting at 10 a.m. Pacific time. Might be worth your while to tune in if you’re going to be at home during that time. In-game prizes await!

What’s your take on this? Think it’ll catch on for other games?

Lede image from official trailer