Resonance: Galeem

I know I’ve been talking a heck of a lot about Super Smash Bros Ultimate lately, but darn it, it’s a great game!  I’ve already written posts about the characters, unforgettable moments in World of Light, and I’ve reviewed Ultimate as well as I possibly could, considering it’s such a massive game.  But one thing I have failed to touch upon was the game’s music.  Well, today, this is one shortcoming that shall be rectified.

When I first watched the trailer for Ultimate’s story mode, World of Light, I was blown away by how awesome it looked, along with this game’s lyrical masterpiece, Lifelight, a song that can be found all over Ultimate in one form or another.  There is one version of the song, however, that I am choosing to discuss, and that is the version that plays when you fight Galeem in World of Light.

Video from Youtube User: BrawlBRSTMs3 X

On the surface, this song is already a fittingly epic backdrop to this difficult battle.  But it goes one step further by perfectly capturing my thoughts on Galeems itself.  I mean…what the heck is this thing anyway?  Appearing as a multi-winged ball of light, Galeem is truly a godlike creature indeed.  And though it’s rather difficult to wrap my head around the fact that a being of pure light is evil (that’s just…not a very common trope in storytelling, now is it?), it takes no stretch of the imagination to understand that Galeem is powerful.

As if I wasn’t already speechless in awe at Galeem’s majesty before, this amazing piece of music adds to its grandeur tenfold.  It just feels like Galeem is a being so mysterious and otherworldly that mere mortals like myself can’t fully comprehend its bizarre form.  Whatever it is, Galeem is a foe demanding as much reverence at its glory as it does fear at its might.  And sometimes, all it takes is a really good piece of music to drive the point home.

Lede image is official Super Smash Bros. Ultimate key art.