Destiny 2: Solstice of Heroes Looks Interesting

Destiny 2’s brand new summer event, Solstice of Heroes, is now in full swing. The month-long event gives players access to new gear, remixed campaign missions, and new challenges to complete. This appears to be a special event aimed specifically at players who’ve stuck with the game through all the goofiness its gone through thus far, as there’s nothing here to entice lapsed players to come back. And you know what, I actually think that’s okay.

There’s plenty to complain about when it comes to Destiny 2. So much so that I’d rather not touch on it here. For those interested, go ahead and have a quick look at one of my posts dedicated to the subject. It seems Bungie will finally be getting the Destiny ship back on course with Forsaken this September; there’s enough in there to get lapsed players like myself thinking about whether or not to come back. In the meantime, something has to be done to keep the game’s dedicated base interested until Forsaken’s release. This is what Solstice of Heroes is for. It’s something meant to celebrate the die hard fans, not those who got bored and left.

(Video from YouTube channel: destinygame)

The activities and rewards on offer here, while not substantial, are enough to recognize the time and effort of those who’ve hung around for the past year. They get the chance to enter into Forsaken with a slight power advantage, and they get to look good while doing it. Since Destiny has always been a game about collecting and showing-off the coolest loot you possibly can, I can think of no greater reward than the opportunity to turn the heads of new and returning players as you take on Forsaken’s new challenges together.

This event isn’t meant for the likes of me, but for the most loyal and dedicated fans, and that’s okay. I didn’t think I’d be saying this again so soon, but good on you Bungie. Now that you’ve finally got your head on straight again (hopefully), keep it up!

What do you think of Destiny 2 as it currently stands? What about the Solstice of Heroes event?

Lede image is an official promotional screen shot

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  1. Will_GSRR says:

    I’ve played a little of the event, it seems pretty cool. There’s lots to go after, the remixed campaign missions are pretty good so far – with Spark being a particular highlight.

    I’m only really going after the armour as I think that’s all I will have time for, but I’m happy to do that!


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