Even if Forsaken is Amazing, I Might Still Be Done With Destiny For Good

I haven’t played Destiny 2 since the first couple of weeks after it launched in September 2017. Even though I went in expecting it to be less than what the original Destiny was, but was still massively disappointed by the sheer lack of features and complete (and unnecessary) retooling of how everything worked. Over the past year, I’ve watched as Bungie dug itself and the Destiny series deeper and deeper into a hole that I was just about convinced they’d never be able to climb out of. Doubling-down on loot boxes; locking players out of content they’d already paid for; lying to their player base (twice!; refusing to listen; refusing to communicate; pushing out awful to barely okay DLC and charging full price for it. It was hard to watch, but I did, and now it looks like Bungie might finally have a game worth playing on their hands. However, I can’t help but wonder if I can really go back after all this time.

I was on board for Destiny from the very beginning. I sunk a whole weekend into the game’s “Alpha” test. I sunk another one into the open Beta. I stuck with the game through all of its growing pains and had a blast being part of the greater Destiny community. I’d set aside an hour a day, everyday to complete daily tasks, rank up weapons, grind for loot and work on bounties. On weekends, my friends and I would set aside entire evenings to dive into the game’s various raids. I got good at the PvP; good enough to succeed in Trials of Osiris multiple times. I was unbeatable in SRL. I loved that game. And then Bungie shelved it for the “it’s so much better, we promise!!!” Destiny 2.

Before the game even came out, half of my Destiny friends bailed. They didn’t want to fork over the money for another Destiny (one that was absolutely covered in red flags at that). The other half left about the same time I did. They felt betrayed and disappointed, and they just moved onto other games. None of them are planning to come back for Forsaken either. Destiny is in the past for them. I suppose I could try to start over and build another group, but I honestly don’t want to. I know who I want to play Destiny with, but they’re simply not interested any more.

My circumstances were different. It used to be easy to make time for Destiny. Just come home from work, eat, do a chore or two and then the whole night was available. Now though, now it’s not so simple. If I wanted to re-introduce Destiny into my daily life, I’d have to carve out time for it; time that I really don’t have. It would be one thing if I had a group I liked to play with, but I don’t. Creating space for Destiny is a big ask now.

So here I am after about a year of inactivity in Destiny. I still consider myself a fan, but everything that supported my fandom is now gone. Destiny 2: Forsaken might be the best piece of Destiny content Bungie has produced thus far, but it won’t fix the result of my Destiny lapse. It may be that my time with Destiny has simply come to an end, and now I just need to finally come to terms with it.

Have you ever had to leave behind a game, even if you didn’t really want to? If you lapsed and came back later, how did you do it?

Lede image is a Destiny 2 Forsaken promotional screen shot

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