Fools of Gaming: Susano from Okami

What comes to mind when you think of April (besides April showers)?  Why, April Fool’s, of course!  And what better way to celebrate the month (because not everyone likes pranks) than to discuss the fools of gaming?  I’ve already talked about one particularly big fool (both in size and in general foolishness), Captain Qwark from the Ratchet and Clank series.  Today’s fool shall be: Susano from Okami!

Okami is one of my favorite games of all time, with its lovely art style, unique gameplay, and interesting story.  We also can’t forget the game’s characters, one of which is deserving of the title of fool, the “hero” Susano.  At least, everyone expects Susano to be a hero due to the fact that he’s a descendant of the hero Nagi who slew Orochi 100 years prior to the events of the game.

Unfortunately, Susano is a bit of a, well, fool.  Between sleeping and getting drunk, the only common heroic trait Susano displays is his great arrogance, which is not exactly an admirable characteristic.  Despite Susano’s idiocy, he manages to be a rather humorous character, with his secret technique, Exploding Implosion, and the fact that he rarely ever manages to slice through anything (his sword is made of wood, after all) unless the player uses Power Slash at the correct time to get the job done for him.

Of course, Susano doesn’t lack some redeeming qualities, as he can be courageous on occasion and does help to slay Orochi in order to save Kushi, the woman he loves.  On the other hand, this would have never been necessary if Susano hadn’t released Orochi in the first place….

It’s time for your input, dear readers!  What are your favorite fools of gaming?  Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

Image from Flickr User: Hallion