‘Radical Heights’ Enters the Battle Royale Fray

From the team that brought you LawBreakers come “Radical Heights,” a very 80’s take on the battle royale shooter-style game that’s been growing ever-more popular as of late. Boss Key’s multiplayer shooter takes place in the not-so-distant future of 2023. In the game’s version of events, America went through some sort of “dissolution” conflict and never progressed past the 80’s culturally. The game itself takes place in a game show of the same name, wherein contestants scramble through the map collecting weapons, gadgets and cash in order to increase their chances of surviving unto fortune and glory.

(Video found on YouTube channel: Izuniy)

The game is currently available to play through Steam’s Early Access program, something the developers are quite happy about.

“What’s great about this is we’re thrilled about being in Early Access. Radical Heights is a game that will be shaped by community, and as it grows and develops over time, will be a product from us and those who jump in and share their feedback. We love open development and we cannot wait to establish this rapport with fans.”

It sounds like their heart is in the right place, but, considering how Early Access projects tend to almost never leave early access, one wonders if this is really something to be excited about. (For example: Fortnite: Battle Royale is still in “early access” even though it’s looking pretty darn polished and Epic is making a killing through cosmetic microtransactions.)

At any rate, the game is currently available to download on Steam for those interested. There’s some basic information on the page, but even more available on the official Radical Heights website. The project certainly seems to have passion behind it right now, but one wonders if the developers and the community forming around the game will have the energy to keep the party going.

You know, if we’re talking movie inspirations, this is much more “The Running Man” than it is “Battle Royale.” It kinda feels like there was a missed opportunity here. Don’t you think?

Lede image is official promotional material for Radical Heights.