Euclidian Lands: Chess Meets Rubik’s Cube

As I continue my ever-vigilant quest to research new and unique indie games, my attention fell upon a particularly interesting game for Apple iOS.  Being an avid Windows-user, this is not something I’d be able to play myself, but for anyone who does own an Apple device and enjoys puzzle games, then you might want to read on.

Euclidian Lands has been described as being similar to another puzzle game called Monument Valley.  Though, having never played that game, either, might I suggest my own comparison.  To me, this game is what would happen if you took chess and figured out how to play it on a 3D plain with movable squares.  The trailer shows your little soldier character navigating a Rubik’s Cube-like space, though the puzzles certainly get more complex than just a mere cube.  You can move one square at a time and rotate sections of the “board”, if you will, allowing you to traverse from one place to another, build bridges, and even defeat enemies.  Your goal, I hear, is to reach the exit, though I did read that Euclidian Lands even contains boss fights, which I imagine surely must add an extra layer of difficulty and strategy.

Video by Youtube User: kunabi brother

If you enjoy the puzzle genre, this definitely looks like a game worth checking out.  Not only does the game look like it will challenge your brain to think in new and interesting ways, but it’s also pleasant to behold, with a clean, but attractive, art style and some interesting music to boot.

Though I Think It Might Make the Duck a Bit Dizzy…

Screenshot from Flickr User: Teknoformat Teknoloji Haberleri