A KH3 Release Date, Toy Story, and More

I’ve long since lost track of the number of years we’ve been waiting to hear this news.  But it’s finally confirmed…Kingdom Hearts 3 is indeed something that’s going to happen in our lifetimes!  It was announced at Disney’s D23 convention that this greatly anticipated game is scheduled for release in 2018.  When in 2018, I have no idea.  But the simple fact that we finally have a year is good enough for me.  To think, if I had won that GameStop sweepstakes, I would have been there in person when this news was revealed.  Ah, life.

That alone is great news, but wait, there’s more.  Another Disney world has been revealed, as well.  Toy Story!  Is this…is this Kingdom Heart’s first Pixar world?

Wait here as my mind is blown…

Okay, I’m back.  Being a huge fan of Toy Story since the first movie was released in 1995, and considering I never once expected such a movie to be represented in the Kingdom Hearts series by virtue of its, well, Pixar-ness, this is some exciting and surprising news indeed.  Exprising, if you will.  (It’s okay, if you want to use this new word I invented, you may.  With the inclusion of a proper bibliography, of course.)

Ahem, the trailer, which is featured below, shows Sora, Donald, and Goofy turned into toys upon their arrival in Andy’s bedroom.  After some obligatory enemy-fighting, as this is a video game, after all, we are treated to a cut scene involving Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and other familiar faces.  From there, well, you can watch the trailer and see all this goodness for yourself, but it appears you even get to go outside and explore on your way to Galaxy Toys, and it looks just like in the movies, and oh my gosh, the nostalgia of my ducklinghood is returning.

Video from Youtube User: Kingdom Hearts

One other bit of news I wanted to share was the fact that Kingdom Hearts 3 will have fewer Disney worlds than previous games.  Before you allow this knowledge to concern you, keep in mind that the tradeoff is that the worlds we do get will be larger and more substantial.  So while more variety is great and all, I think this news is pretty exciting.  Larger worlds could be a lot of fun and make each location more meaningful, since we get to spend more time there and see more of them.  And in case you’re wondering, the Disney worlds currently confirmed are: Tangled, Toy Story, Hercules, and Big Hero 6.

It has also been rumored that Kingdom Hearts 3 might release on the Nintendo Switch.  I looked up further information on this and wanted to clarify.  Kingdom Hearts 3, at this time, is only confirmed to be released on the PlayStation 4 and XBox One.  After it is released on those consoles, it is possible other options may be considered.  Sorry, Switch-owners, we’re still at a big “maybe” for whether or not you guys will get KH3.

Before we go, I have a few questions for you guys.  Aside from your general thoughts about the news we have just discussed, I was curious about one other thing.  What are your top picks for Disney/Pixar worlds you’d like to see in Kingdom Hearts 3 (regardless of probability)?  As for me…well, honestly, there are so many good options out there, I really can’t decide (I know, what a silly answer).  But at the expense of really being out there, you know what I’d really, really like to see?  Do you know what would be cool, but also has a 0% chance of happening?  I’d be thrilled if the Haunted Mansion (the attraction, not the movie) made an appearance in KH3 in some form or another.  It won’t.  I’m just saying I’d be thrilled if it did.  But it won’t.

The Duck of Indeed, Donald Duck’s Distant and Easier to Understand Cousin

Screenshot from Flickr User: pressakey.com


  1. Chris Scott says:

    I’ll believe it will be out next year when I actually have it in my hands.

    As for worlds I’d like to see, for me a Star Wars world – maybe based on the Rebels art style- would be my biggest want. But I’d be happy to see Finding Nemo, Wreck-it-Ralph, and Inside Out.

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    1. duckofindeed says:

      That would be pretty interesting to see Star Wars make an appearance in KH3. And I’d definitely like to see a Wreck-It-Ralph world, as well. That movie was awesome. (I still need to see Inside Out. I hear lots of good things about that one.)

      Anyway, I really want an actual release date. It just seems too likely that the game will get delayed again (if anything, 2018 could mean the last day of 2018). Though, after all the years fans have waited, I would hope Square Enix wouldn’t give a release year and then not follow through on it. I hope.


  2. LightningEllen says:

    I’ve only played the first KH game for a bit, then forgot about it. I do want to try the series again someday. Toy Story world looks interesting! I like Chris Scott’s idea. A Star Wars world would totally rock!

    Oh and if Lightning Farron with a FFXIII theme makes an appearance is KH3, I’m sold!! 🙂


    1. duckofindeed says:

      Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the Final Fantasy aspect of Kingdom Hearts. It’ll be interesting to see if they expand on what Final Fantasy characters appear in KH3. Newer games like FF13 would be cool, and I’d also be quite happy if they included characters from FF6. They never typically included characters before FF7, with the exception of Setzer.

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