Observer: A Cyberpunk Experience from Bloober Team

The makers of “Layers of Fear” have announced a new game recently. The project is known as “Observer” and appears to be a horror game set in a cyberpunk style future. It looks promising, but question is whether or not Bloober Team has learned from past mistakes and criticisms.

(video from YouTube channel: Playstation)

The game is set in the year 2084, and has its players take on the role of Dan Lazarki, an “observer”. In this world, it seems that “observers” are corporate agents tasked with “accessing” individuals in order to gather personal info and evidence directly from their minds. In order to do that though, they must navigate the nightmarish landscapes found in the darkest corners of their targets’ minds. No reasoning for this has been released yet but I’m guessing that it’s something along the line of a person’s fears being less guarded or something. It’ll also be interesting to see what kinds of risks Daniel runs as he does this. Will he just be adding to his nightmares, or is “accessing” someone more dangerous than it appears to be?

Does Observer pique your interest? What did you think of Layers of Fear? Also, is it just me or have we seen a lot of cyberpunk games get announced recently?

Lede mage from official Observer press kit.

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  1. I really enjoyed layers of fear, I thought parts of it were really clever and it was quite scary and creepy. I like the alternative endings possibility as well

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