Knights, Bikes, Geese, and Childhood Imagination

A semi-recent trend I have been noticing is a great number of new games being made to emulate the look and feel of the SNES era.  Probably because the SNES rocked.  And so, I’ve picked out another that’s worth a look, Knights and Bikes, an EarthBound-inspired RPG.  The first thing you will surely notice from watching the trailer is a colorful and unique art style that looks almost handmade, which fits perfectly into the idea that this game was inspired by childhood imagination.  As far as the story goes (you’d need to visit the game’s Kickstarter page for this), the game is set during the 1980’s on an island off the coast of England called Penfurzy.  Originally a tourist destination, the island faces financial calamity when the local legends are placed in doubt.

Video from Youtube User: PlayStation EU

Our heroes are two girls, Demelza and Nessa (that last name sounds oddly familiar…), who accidentally unleash a bunch of spirits in their quest to uncover the truth about their island.  Along the way, our heroes battle enemies pure kid-style, with Frisbees and puddle splashing, among other abilities, collect treasure, and help the islanders who have been possessed by the spirits.  Joining them are Demelza’s pet goose, the adorably named Captain Honkers, and…a dismembered knight head…with ankle-biting abilities?

As you can tell, this game has no shortage of imagination and humor, and though I have run into a good number of interesting indie games lately, none have gotten me quite as excited as Knights and Bikes.  There is even a co-op option, and let me tell you, while I don’t normally play games with others, this one looks like it could be a lot of fun with another player.  The game really looks promising and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.  And we should be able to soon, as it’s supposed to be released in Spring of 2017 on the PC, Mac, and Linux, along with the PS4!

The Duck and Captain Honkers Will Surely Become Fast Friends

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