A Look Inside Breath of the Wild’s DLC Pack 1

As many of you no doubt know, it was announced some time back that owners of Breath of the Wild could pay a $20 fee for some DLC entitled “Expansion Pass” (which I discussed in a past post).  Aside from some bonuses I assume were initially available for anyone who bought the DLC, several additional features would be released twice during the upcoming year, summer and winter of 2017.  Well, it appears that the details of DLC Pack 1 have recently been released.  While I didn’t actually buy the Expansion Pass myself, that doesn’t mean I’m not curious as to what it contains, so let’s briefly discuss these new features below.  Credit goes to the video below for enlightening me as to the details of Expansion Pass Pack 1’s contents.  Further info was gained from Nintendo’s own website.

Video from Youtube User: Austin John Plays

New Challenges: A bit more difficulty has been added to the game in the form of a new hard mode and the “Trial of the Sword”.  The former is pretty much what you’d expect, but with a twist.  Not only are enemies tougher, but they can even regain health, so you have to defeat them quickly before they recover.  They are also supposedly more difficult to sneak up on.  One area of confusion for me is the mention of “floating planks”, which have enemies and treasure chests, provided you can reach them.  I must admit that I’m not sure I totally understand what that means.  Are these similar to the platforms you sometimes found at sea in Wind Waker?  Except you need to paraglide to them?  Either way, a higher difficulty level is always nice for those who like a challenge.

As far as the Trial of the Sword is concerned, this is a challenge similar to the Cave of Trials in Twilight Princess.  (Or so I hear.  I’ve never actually done that challenge myself before.)  Apparently if you complete all 45 rooms, the Master Sword will become more powerful, which is pretty cool.  The twist here is that you start off without any gear, similar to Eventide Island, which was a particular favorite for many people, including myself.  I can only assume you get more powerful as you progress as you gather more weapons and shields from your enemies.  (On the downside, I’ve never really been a fan of these kinds of challenges.  They make me think a bit too much of Paper Mario’s Pit of 100 Trials.)

New Helpful Features: In addition to more difficult challenges, this DLC pack also includes some rather useful features.  One is a Korok mask that is supposed to make finding the Korok easier.  Considering this game contains 900 of these little buggers, this would definitely give people wearing it an advantage.  Furthermore, the new Hero’s Path shows on the map where you have travelled over the course of the last 200 hours, allowing you to more easily identify places you’ve never been.  The last addition for this particular category is the Travel Medallion, which allows you to choose one spot to travel to instantly.  This seems to be a bit less helpful than the previous two features, considering there are over 100 places to which you can already teleport, but I suppose it would make it easier to reach certain areas that aren’t close to a shrine and are difficult to reach.

New Clothes: And of course, as you probably already expected, this DLC adds some new clothes for you to find, as well, such as Midna’s helmet, the super awesome Majora’s Mask, and…Tingle’s clothes.  Um…  Whether or not these new outfits provide you with any useful abilities, I know not, but at least…some of them look pretty cool.

So, who plans to buy, or has already bought, the Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass?  And what do you think about these new additions?  What do you think will be the most useful to you, and what could you live without?  Please let me know in the comments, fellow Zelda fans!

I Wonder if Nintendo Might Consider Adding a Duck Mask…

Image from Flickr User: Jeux Video


  1. If they added a duck mask, you’d resemble Howard the Duck, and then… *jeeblies*


    1. duckofindeed says:

      Yikes, on second thought, maybe a duck mask is not such a good idea, after all….

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  2. Jason Luthor says:

    I want it I want it I want it!!!!!!


    1. duckofindeed says:

      Me too. I especially want the Korok Mask and Majora’s Mask, the first because it’s useful, the second because it’s just plain cool.


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