Perception Release Date Announced!

Perception is almost here! It’s been two years, but The Deep End Games is just about ready to deliver their debut entry into the survival/horror genre. After its Kickstarter was successfully funded in 2015, Perception has been teasing those aware of it with the promise of a unique horror experience, one that players definitely have not seen before. What is it about Perception that sets it apart from that which came before? Well for starters, the protagonist is blind.

(video from YouTube channel: Bill Gardner)

Yup, that’s right the main character is blind. That’s not to say players will be unable to “see” though. As shown in the trailer above, Cassie (the player character) may be sightless, but she’s still quite capable of perceiving her environment. For Cassie, her surrounding are revealed via her razor-sharp (i.e. borderline super) hearing. Every sound sound reveals something of the environment to her, and players must use this to successfully guide her through her trials. The question is, will players be able to adapt to see the world as Cassie does?

Much of the game’s plot remains a mystery, but at least the basics are there. Cassie has been about a specific place over and over again. It’s a place she’s never been to but, there’s something compelling about it nonetheless. After discovering that it is in fact a real place, Cassie resolves to go there and discover why it’s been haunting her dreams. Upon arriving, she immediately discovers that there is something very wrong with this house, and what’s more, there’s something else there with her in this supposedly abandoned place. Will Cassie survive and discover what it is about the Estate at Echo Bluff haunts her so? It’ll depend on how well she (and the player) can use her unique traits to her advantage.

Perception is set to release on May 30, 2017 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. To learn more about the game and its developer, The Deep End Games, please check out the team’s website and the game’s official wiki.

Are you psyched for Perception? What do you think about it’s unique mechanic?

Lede image captured by Hatm0nster


  1. This sounds (tee hee) amazing. I would love to play a game like this. Of course my brain went to all sorts of social implications of having someone who is blind as the main character, but from a purely “game” perspective, I think this will give players a truly unique experience and may open up avenues for incorporating more senses when playing games… Or not. It might just be a fantastic stand-alone game with a unique mechanic haha. I’d definitely play it!

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    1. duckofindeed says:

      This game definitely sounds unique indeed. That’s what I like about these smaller developers. They seem to be better at thinking outside the box.

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  2. duckofindeed says:

    That sounds like a pretty unique game indeed. I look forward to learning more about it in the future. At the very least, I certainly need to check it out on Youtube when it’s released to see if it’s something worth buying.

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  3. Imtiaz Ahmed says:

    Wow this is a really cool looking game!

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    1. duckofindeed says:

      It is indeed! It looks like it’s going to be really different, and I always like different.

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