Site News: Changes Inbound!

When Hatm0nster, The Duck of Indeed, and I came together some four years ago to venture in the world of game blogging and journalism, we had no idea where that journey would take us. All we knew was that we wanted to create an inclusive virtual space that revolved around games, involved the gaming community, and would serve as a refuge for anyone who wanted to pay a visit. Our goal was our name: United We Game! Because while we are strong as individuals, we’re even more powerful together. Through video games, we are united by a common pastime and a common set of goals and mutual feelings. We are united by a desire to express our opinions and discuss them in an open forum.  And we are united as a community; we invited you to join us. Many of you have stuck with us, written with us, shared your thoughts freely, and for that, you have our utmost thanks.

Though young as far as the Internet is concerned, our site has grown significantly since its founding. Dare we say that we’ve become better writers and more thoughtful gamers because of it?  If nothing else, United We Game has given us and our incredible contributors a place to be ourselves, to write about and share our concerns about and triumphs in gaming. This site has also enabled us to experiment with new topics and new styles, as well as to be challenged by differing points of view. After a couple solid years of writing and outreach, we started our YouTube channel in 2015, which opened up a whole new side of UWG. There we could (and do daily!) interact with good people through great games. No matter how we evolve here, rest assured that we will continue to bring you our best in game writing and videos.

Speaking of evolution, let’s get to that site news, because changes are coming! United We Game’s next evolution is…

drum roll


Starting on or around April 14th, we will rebrand as Virtual Bastion, your home and safe haven for articles on our gaming thoughts and experiences, game news, and all else video games. The rebrand is essentially in name only, and it’s a name that we feel fits with our current goals that revisit, most importantly, the idea of being an inclusive and visionary space. We will also undergo a theme change, but all our past content will remain readily available. In addition, we’ll be sprucing up our Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as our YouTube channel. Once we have everything in order, we’ll be sure to post all our our new links here.

So, keep your eyes peeled and your bookmarks at the ready, for soon, United We Game will give way to Virtual Bastion, your gaming home away from home!

Featured image from Flickr user Cinnamon Cooper (CC).


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