YouTube Highlights: Weekly Edition #6

Well, what do we have here…another Friday?! Why yes, it looks to be that way! That means it’s time that we roll back the curtain and see what’s been happening over on our YouTube channel! Not much more to say beyond that…

…except. Yesterday we announced that next Friday we would be making a switch to a new name (Virtual Bastion) and theme. Because of that, YouTube Highlights will have next week off and will return on the 21st.

Okey dokey smokey…let’s get to those videos!

Ratchet & Clank (PS4)

Where did that famous Lombax and his robot sidekick find themselves this week? Why, battling their way through Fort Krontos! And that means it’s time for fun with lasers.

Super Paper Mario

This week in Super Paper Mario, The Duck reached the end! Yep, it’s FINAL boss battle time — tune in to see who triumphs! [Also, is this the end end of Super Paper Mario? Hmm…more may be in store…]

Super Mario Galaxy

Meanwhile, in her playthrough of Super Mario Galaxy, The Duck plays hot potato on the fiery side of the Freezeflame Galaxy. It’s all about playing “keep away” with the lava!

Yoshi’s Woolly World

Where oh where was the intrepid yarn Yoshi this week? Why, he was finagling with flying carpets and slip-sliding on all things ice! Which sounds a lot worse that it was.  (Except the ice. That was pretty frustrating.)

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

What is Majora’s Mask with masks? Not much, really. So that’s why The Duck took moment in the game this past week to obtain one mask in particular. One totally cool mask that seems not all that useful…yet.

Thanks for watching, and join u in two weeks for our next video wrap-up!