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It’s been a little while since we’ve gotten much solid information regarding Microsoft’s long awaited “Project Scorpio” but hopefully that will change this week.  With this new console due to release this holiday season, more details would certainly be appreciated. All we know right now is that the console will be 4k compatible, so Microsoft definitely needs to let us know why “Project Scorpio” is something we’d want to buy. They’ll also need to tell us we should choose it over the PS4 Pro, another 4k ready console that will likely be less expensive by the time “Project Scorpio” launches.

Hopefully, that news will be forthcoming quite shortly. According to some tweets from Windows Central Editor Jez Corden, there may finally  be news coming out this week. Tweets from other sources like The Inner Circle indicate that there will be a reveal of some sort on Thursday, April 6th. Not much has been said about what exactly could be revealed about the console, but the rumor is that the specs will be the focus. Microsoft’s own Phil Spencer responded to a tweet regarding a “Project Scorpio” reveal, but he neither confirmed nor denied anything. He stated that he’s excited about how first and third party support is coming together nicely and said that “You’ll hear more soon, sorry for the wait.”

Hopefully the rumors are true and we’ll finally get some details about this oddly mysterious console that Microsoft has been working on. With the PS4 Pro already out for several months, one has to wonder why Microsoft is being so very secretive about what, at the moment, appears to be a slightly improved Xbox One with 4k capability. Perhaps there’s more to it than that, but we won’t know until they tell us something.

What are your thoughts on “Project Scorpio”? Are you excited for it, or are you also wondering what all of the fuss is about?

Source: Project Scorpio News Rumored For This Week – GameSpot

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  1. Imtiaz Ahmed says:

    I’m excited, Xbox fan or not I love seeing new reveals. Hopefully Microsoft has something good in store. The better the Scorpio is, the harder Sony will have to work to compete, better for gamers in the end,.

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