My Miitopia Crew

Last year, I started in on something that I did not expect to turn into a long-term relationship. That “something” was Miitopia. Spurred to make the purchase thanks to The Duck’s excellent playthrough of the same, I knew some of what to expect going in. This was a fun, quirky, and somewhat odd game that revolved around the turn-based adventures of a group of Miis tasked to save Miitopia from a “Dark Lord” who was stealing everyone’s faces, as dark lords are prone to do. Based on just watching The Duck’s adventures, I knew that I’d at least enjoy its goofy humor and combat (it had been quite some time since I had played a turn-based game, so that was due). I didn’t expect, however, that I’d become so enamored with my motley cast of Miis!

In Miitopia, outside of one’s own Mii who’s the star of the show, players work to form a crew of nine interchangeable Miis. These Miis can be created individually or chosen from a library of Miis (which may be at least partially subject to online availability, I think). I recently unearthed a bunch of Miitopia screenshots, which, while I still pop into the game occasionally today, prompted a small trip down memory lane to when my own Miitopia crew first came to be. While I do have a favorite trio, I adore all of my Miis equally — or at least when they are behaving themselves, which is most of the time…mostly. But, my Miitopia story began with Lulu, a laid-back thief.

She’s cool as a cucumber.

First to join her was Link, a Mii I picked out of a library of dozens of versions of Link. He was a lively but kind warrior.

He should know a thing or two about goblins!

The next addition was Morrigan from the Dragon Age series. She marked the beginning of me creating all my subsequent Miis, because the process was very addicting! I never became as proficient as some did with their amazing Mii creations, and Morrigan was a simple start. Of course, she was a mage, and a stubborn one, at that.


The final addition for Miitopia’s first act was Franklin, of Peanuts fame. Another self-made Mii that’s simple in design, he remains one of my favorites as the coolest cleric around.

That does look like some tasty bliss!

And so, everyone lived happily ever after, right?

That calls for a celebration!

Miitopia being Miitopia, of course not! Long story short, the game’s first act ends with the Dark Lord kidnapping the player’s initial crew, and its second begins with the player having to form a new trio to rescue the first. Because, y’know, video games. My first, new addition was another Dragon Age character, the delightful Varric, a very cautious chef.

Yes, I know, I just made you, duh.

If it wasn’t becoming obvious, I was on a BioWare kick at the time of playing, and my next character proved that. Say hello to energetic scientist Samantha Traynor (from Mass Effect 3, by the way).

Oh, the perils of knitted footwear!

Another side venture at the time of playing Miitopia was Cyberpunk 2077, so of course, I rounded out my trio with an obvious choice – air-headed pop star Johnny Silverhand! (Okay, “air-headed” he’s not, but it was the last personality I hadn’t yet used, so…)

Mutating what now?

This trio was loads of fun, with Varric’s healing abilities and Samatha’s awesome scientist abilities helping to lead the charge to save Link, Morrigan, and Franklin.

After a good bit more adventuring, Lula saved her first crew with the help of the second, and then all was right with the world, right?

We meet again, for the first time.

Wrong! Out went all six characters at the end of Miitopia‘s second act, and much to Lulu’s chagrin (though she was totally used to it by know), it was again time to form a new team. First in the ring this time was a homage – Betty White (1922-2021), a kind princess, without a doubt.

Sweeter than sugar she is!

To join her, I worked the most Mii-making magic I could muster in the form of Street Fighter master, Akuma, the most stubborn tank in all of Miitopia.

Seriously, what’s the deal with tomatoes in Miitopia?!

Last, but hardly least, I need one more character to fill the one role I had yet to use, imp. For some reason, Teen Titans‘ Beast Boy popped into mind, and so…he became a relality!

Isn’t he just precious?

And so, Betty White, Akuma, and Beast Boy took the reigns with Lulu to make the grandest rescue of all time.

Anyone care to start?

After plenty more adventuring, rescuing, and boss battling, the entire crew was eventually reunited, at last!

I just said that!

The…end? Surely not! Miitopia‘s adventures continue far beyond the world’s initial boundaries, and they include unlocking two new jobs, which I’ve actually yet to do. But, my nontuplet is awesome nonetheless. Though…I did mention that I had a favorite trio. It’s Franklin, Beast Boy, and Samantha, but don’t tell the others!

All images, include lede, were taken by author during Nintendo Switch gameplay of Miitopia (© Nintendo).

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