Redfall is Going to Have Denuvo DRM, Yay…

I don’t know why, but I get the sense that neither Microsoft or Bethesda want Arkane Studios’ next game, Redfall, just doesn’t want i to succeed. How else do you explain the series of L’s the game’s been taking in the weeks leading up to release.

First they announce that Redfall is going to be an “always online” game despite being a primarily single-player title. Then, they allow IGN to do the initial gameplay reveal even though the outlet’s footage was absolutely abysmal, making the game look worse than it probably actually is (seriously, how did anyone think that was competent gameplay?). And now, according to outlets like Gameranx, it’s come out that this primarily single-player game is going to be utilizing one of, if not the most, hated DRM systems out there: Denuvo. What on earth are they thinking?!

Denuvo is notorious for hurting game performance, so much so that its sparked controversy on more than one occasion. Redfall would hardly be the only single-player game to utilize Denuvo DRM, but this doesn’t exactly help the game in the eyes of those who may still be considering picking it up.

If you ask me, Denuvo and other DRM measures are pretty ridiculous in practice. Sure, they exist to prevent piracy, but all it ever manages to do is to slow it down a bit. The games still get cracked, and the pirates wind up getting the superior experience because their version isn’t weighed down by the DRM. So, in the end, the only ones who ever get punished by DRM are the legitimate paying customers. Kinda dumb, eh?

What do you think of Redfall? Are you planning on getting it once it’s out next month? How do you feel about DRM?

Image from the Redfall Steam page