Arietta of Spirits: Demo Review

Arietta of Spirits follows the story of Arietta and her family as they visit the island where her grandmother once lived before her recent passing.  The demo covers a short jaunt into the woods to gather apples for dessert, which includes a boss fight against a giant bee.  According to the game’s official description, Arietta eventually gains the ability to talk to spirits around the island, and the game supposedly has an emotional story and “no-filler gameplay”.

Based on my short time with the demo, I feel like the game could be a relaxing, casual adventure.  The battles were fast-paced thanks to Arietta’s quick movements with her wooden sword and roll ability, plus the bright and colorful pixel graphics made my trek through the woods quite pleasant.  The main complaints I read online was that the story seems to end right when it’s getting started, and I also heard that the game is quite easy (which could be good or bad, depending on what you’re looking for).

Video from YouTube User: Virtual Bastion

In the end, I’m not sure if the demo told me enough about Arietta of Spirits to give me any clear idea of whether or not I would actually want to invest in the full game.  The demo was fun enough, but I’m unsure if there was anything particularly special about it to make the game stand out from the many other demos I’ve played.  And at roughly 4-8 hours long and with a price of $15 on Steam and $20 on consoles, I certainly don’t see myself buying the game unless there’s a good sale.

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