Hi-Fi Rush Was a Nice Surprise

It’s not often that a game gets released on the same day it’s announced, and such games actually being good is even more rare. Still, as much as I think Bethesda is weak in certain areas of the gaming business, I’m really liking their trend of announcing their games close to the actual release dates. It’s just nice to not have to wait forever and a half, and I cannot hope but feel good for their other projects when a quality game like Hi-Fi Rush gets a same-day release. Seriously, did anyone see this coming?

Video from YouTube channel: Bethesda Softworks

I haven’t actually dug into Hi-Fi rush much beyond the first couple of hours, but I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised by this one. Not only is it an original idea, and not only does it have a fun, attractive art style, but the gameplay actually works! Seriously, just when I was thinking that Crypt of the Necrodancer was going to be the final bit of innovation for the rhythm game genre, along comes Tango Gameworks to deliver an action-platforming game that doubles as a rhythm title. More than that, it brings the music into everything and makes it work!

In Hi-Fi Rush, the entire world quite literally moves to the beat, making it very easy to keep on time and get the most our of the rhythm-based combat and movement. I actually found myself tapping my feet along with the game and using it to help with the combat. It’s not the most complicated system out there, mind you, but it works and feels really good! It also helps that the soundtrack is rather catchy.

I don’t love everything about this. The characters are all just a little bit too over the top for my taste, but that’s more of a personal thing than any sort of actual issue. I still got some chuckles out of their antics and am actually interested to see where the adventure goes. The gameplay and absolutely flush art style are a big reason for that. Also, it helps that this is on Game Pass. With few exceptions, rhythm games aren’t usually my thing, so I likely would have passed this up if I hadn’t been able to try it first. I’m not sure if this is something I need in my permanent library yet, but it’s been a lot of fun so far. Give it a try if you’re able!

Have you tried Hi-Fi Rush? What did you think of it? Would you prefer seeing more games announced closer to the actual release date?

Image from the Hi-Fi Rush Steam page

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  1. Frostilyte says:

    Hi-Fi Rush coming out of nowhere was a pleasant surprise to be sure, but I don’t know that I’d want to see a bunch of other games get shadow dropped. I know a lot of people who hadn’t heard of the title when I was hammering on about it a few days after launch because it had no presence. That said, I do like hearing about a title within 6 months of its release so that I can get my hands on it without having to wait so long.

    As for the game itself, Hi-Fi Rush is a very likely early runner for my 2023 goty. No joke. It’s an extremely well put together title that’s very fun to play. I keep thinking about it, even after finishing it, and just want to play more of it. To me, that’s always the mark of something special.


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