Gameplay and Screenshots For Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Have Leaked

In case you forgot, there is still another Dragon Age game in development at the moment. What’s more, it seems that some screenshots and gameplay details have leaked out onto the internet a couple of days ago.

According to, the leak came from Reddit user “revanchisto” and includes screenshots and one video showing a small segment of a dungeon (apparently the Grey Warden fortress “Weisshaupt”). Check out the site for the full quote, but features noticed in the video include:

  • Real-time combat a la God of War (2018). (So I guess the series’ RPG roots have been completely abandoned now).
  • The ability wheel is still back though, so players can choose different special abilities in addition to a standard combo attack.
  • (Likely) no direct party control
  • Jumping is back.
  • Parrying and Countering.
  • Menu UI similar to DA:I
  • Red Lyrium is back

Well, it sounds okay I guess. It’s cool that there’s more Dragon Age coming, but I am disappointed that the RPG element is almost entirely gone now. The deep, table-top-esque, RPG elements are what made the original Dragon Age: Origins so compelling to play, and there was still enough of that there to keep the two sequels somewhat interesting. To see that go away has me feeling like Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is just going to end up feeling like a generic action fantasy game. Who knows though?

What do you think of this? What did you think of previous Dragon Age games?

Image from the Dragon Age: Dreadwolf announcement trailer


  1. Ehrisaia says:

    Never played ANY of the Dragon Age games!! Are they good, HM?? 💜

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    1. Hatm0nster says:

      Dragon Age: Origins is pretty good. It can be a little long. I like Dragon Age II, but it’s widely considered the worst out of the 3 games. Dragon Age: Inquisition is alright. The story and combat are interesting, but I don’t much care for the open-world format and a lot of the characters.


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