New ‘Lords of the Fallen’ is Both a Sequel AND a Reboot

When CI Games and HexWorks announced Lords of the Fallen back in August, one could be forgiven for being a little confused. See the previous game in that series was also called “Lords of the Fallen.” So, the assumption from most of us was that this new game was supposed to be something of a reboot for the IP. Well, according to HexWorks, that’s not quite the case.

As seen on (and sourced to EDGE magazine issue #381), HexWorks and CI Games were reluctant to call the game “Lords of the Fallen 2” or add a subtitle for fear of making it sound like a spin-off. Yet apparently this new entry is indeed a sequel to the original game, albeit one set 1000 years later. It seems the first game’s events will still be referenced and such, but there likely won’t be any direct ties to it.

To me, this still seems needlessly confusing. For one, the fact that it is essentially a sequel justifies a “2” on the name; it doesn’t matter how loosely connected the new Lords of the Fallen is to the original. Also, adding subtitles for proper sequels has been a thing for a while now; just look at Dragon Age: Inquisition. Also, just pretending this is a reboot isn’t going to make people forget the first game. It takes more than that to overcome a poor reputation.

What do you think of this? Do you think Lords of the Fallen has a has at making a comeback?

Image from the game’s Steam store page