Top 5 Stages from New Super Lucky’s Tale

New Super Lucky’s Tale is an adorable platformer starring a young fox named Lucky who must collect pages for the Book of Ages and defeat the sorcerer cat Jinx and his naughty children, the Kitty Litter.  The game boasts a healthy assortment of levels, including both 2D and 3D platforming stages, along with sliding puzzles and marble mazes.  And so, when considering my picks for the best stages this game has to offer, I had to make sure my ranking didn’t skimp out on variety, either…

5: Roll With It – Honestly, the marble mazes were easily my least favorite levels in the game.  Controlling a spherical object is never easy to begin with, and the way the whole maze tilts always managed to make me feel at least a little dizzy.  Despite these annoyances, however, I must admit that I rather enjoyed Roll With It, one of Anna Lyd’s levels from Foxington.  There was just something about the pyramid-like shape of the stage that made it rather fun to navigate, requiring skill to roll down the pyramid’s slopes without going too fast and careening right off the edge, but without the need to be insanely precise like certain stages I can think of (I’m looking at you, Roller of a Lonely Heart).

Why is she staring at me like that…

4: Pungent Paths – Now these particular mazes were far more preferable than those of the marble variety, as Lucky only needs to rely on his trusty feet to propel him onward!  I think I chose this maze over Trapped in Paradise (which is a far more attractive location to explore) because I really enjoyed the relaxing banjo music that plays here, and the bunnies you had to rescue were rather entertaining, even if they were rather rude.

3: Terror Train – This sidescrolling level takes place on a spooky train with a ghost conductor.  Honestly, none of the 2D stages really stood out to me for this post, so this one seemed like the best pick, considering I’m a fan of both trains and eerie environments.  Watching the carnival go by in the background through the misty night sky made for a rather scenic train ride indeed!

2: Harvest Festival – Veggie Village gets another entry on this list, as I just really enjoyed the ambience in Harvest Festival.  The music is just so relaxing and goes so well with the twilight atmosphere as we look for fireflies and hide from the grumpy, old farmer.  And once the level is finished, you’re treated to a silly performance by the wormal band, the Soggy Boggy Boys!

The Soggy Boggy Boys: Stubby, Nubby, and Bert

1: Carnival Court – And of course, being a huge fan of spooky worlds, it’s no surprise that another stage from Hauntingham gets the top entry on this list, the rather unique Carnival Court.  This stage requires you to complete various mini games in order to gather up enough tickets for a ride on the very same Terror Train from earlier on this list.  While I don’t always enjoy mini games, these ones weren’t too bad and included such challenges as: beating a chicken in a race, a shooting gallery (the hardest one), Whack-a-Mole, a high striker, and collecting coins off the tops of bumper cars.  All of that, along with the ambience of visiting a carnival inhabited by ghosts on a misty night, makes this one an easy win for me!

Video from YouTube User: Virtual Bastion