Source of Madness is Getting a Physical Release on the Switch

Thunderful Publishing and developer Carry Castle have announced that their lovecraftian roguelite, Source of Madness, will be getting a physical release on the Switch. The physical release is coming on January 5th and is being handled by Super Rare Games. It seems that they’ll only be making 4,000 copies though: 2,000 standard and 2,000 SteelBook; so fans will have to act quickly to get them.

Video from YouTube channel: Super Rare Games

I wonder if this really is something that’ll fly off the proverbial shelves though. I mean, Source of Madness looks good and all, but is it really so good that there are that many people dying to have it sitting on their shelf? I mean, I still think physical in general is superior to digital-only, but, when it’s a collector’s item situation, I question the wisdom of something like this for a fairly obscure game.

What do you think? Does it make sense to do physical releases on this kind of scale?

Image from the Source of Madness Steam page