Listmas 2022: The Duck’s Christmas Guest List

We’ve already covered our favorite cozy gaming locations, made a wishlist for our most desired remakes, and fantasized about our top fictional dream vacations.  But what’s Christmas without some people to share it with?  And that’s why the Duck’s Wildcard topic for this week shall be covering the characters from my favorite games that would be at the top of my guest list!

  • Zucker and Various Other Animal Friends – In case you hadn’t noticed, Animal Crossing has been starring quite frequently in my lists this month, and this week is no exception.  I’ve spent no shortage of time with my pals on my New Horizons island of Quacksville, from simply saying hi as we go about our daily duties to exchanging gifts to being…blessed with unannounced house visits while I’m trying to rearrange my furniture (and as the polite host that I am, I don’t firmly inform them that they really ought to have given me some notice first!).  So it would only seem right if I invited them to my Christmas gathering, as long as Zucker (my personal favorite) doesn’t bring along any of those bugs he’s so darn obsessed with!
  • Raz Aquato – Although my favorite Psychonauts characters (the deranged Dr. Loboto and his snarky assistant Crispin) are more on the villainous side, my choice for this list would have a much easier time getting along with others.  Raz is a budding Psychonaut who’s always eager to help others.  As one of my favorite gaming protagonists, we could certainly use a heroic young boy like him at our gathering, as long as I can resist asking him to pop inside my mind for a quick mental check-up.  (After all, I can’t expect Raz to work on Christmas.  Can I?)  Nevertheless, do you think he’d be willing to cook the turkey with his mind?
  • Banjo and Kazooie – This bear and bird duo would certainly make for an interesting addition to the party, with Banjo’s gentler and well-mannered nature and Kazooie’s sarcasm.  (I just won’t be playing any games with her because she cheats…)  As long as Banjo can keep Kazooie in line, I’m sure it will all work out just fine.  Probably.  But hey, I’d sure love to hear their stories about dealing with their wicked witch neighbor, Gruntilda!
  • Sans and Papyrus – Now that these skeleton brothers from Undertale have finally made it out of the Underground, perhaps they’d be happy to join us for a good, old-fashioned human Christmas.  Sans and I could exchange terrible puns, while Papyrus could help out with the cooking (even if this overly enthusiastic skeleton might very well be more trouble than assistance).  Just don’t try Papyrus’ spaghetti…
  • My Miitopia Team – After literally months of adventuring (or more accurately, 75 hours of gameplay, according to Nintendo), I grew very attached to my team of Mii’s in Miitopia, so it only seems fitting that we all reunite for a well-deserved Christmas get-together (and by now, I should already know their favorite foods).  Oh yeah, I know I already said that Dr. Loboto and Crispin wouldn’t make for good Christmas companions, but I’d like to think that their Mii counterparts are reformed and far more willing to behave.