Listmas 2022: The Duck’s Remake Wish List

It should be no surprise that I’ve accumulated quite a selection of games over the years, many of which I received as Christmas presents.  Of course, new games are usually my top priority, but if only I could revisit some of my most cherished, existing games in a remastered format.  Whether or not my wish comes true remains to be seen, but this post shall cover a few of the games I’d most like to see remade or remastered, in no particular order.

  • PsychonautsThe original Psychonauts was a rather clunky platformer with great ideas.  While I grew to love it, despite its flaws, it sure would be nice to see the game get remade with some choice improvements.  For one thing, some updates are needed so that the first half of the game doesn’t feel like a tutorial.  Also, I think we can all agree that the horribleness of Meat Circus needs to be dialed down at least 80%!  Psychonauts had so many great things going for it that I’d love to see it get a modern makeover!
  • Quest 64Okay, Quest 64 is really not a great game, but I had so many fond memories of playing it as a duckling.  (Though as one of my very first RPGs, it’s a wonder I ever gave the genre another chance.) This game featured a huge world to explore and really felt as if I was going on a grand adventure.  It’s just a shame the gameplay, story, and characters were lacking so much! Considering the game was rushed, I’d love to see a remake that gets the time and attention it needs to shine. 
  • Luigi’s Mansion: Dark MoonI loved the first and third Luigi’s Mansion games, but I couldn’t really get into Dark Moon because I don’t enjoy playing on handhelds.  I think it’s the small screen that bugs me…  If they’d remaster the game for the Switch, then I’d finally be able to complete this game once and for all!
  • Illusion of GaiaI absolutely loved this bizarre SNES game back in the day!  Unfortunately, I don’t think the game was made available on any other consoles, and getting a working SNES isn’t easy these days.  I’ve largely given up hope of ever seeing this game on Nintendo Switch Online, but what would be even cooler would be if we got a remastered version on modern consoles!
  • Rayman 2: The Great EscapeAnother game that’s rather tough to get nowadays is Rayman 2, plus getting the desired version is even more difficult because every release is slightly different.  The N64 version is the one that I grew up with, but there are also two variations on the Sega Dreamcast and PS1, along with a remade version called Rayman Revolution on the PS2.  These changes can include exclusive mini games, revised levels, additional collectibles, and even a different world map.  Having always been confused over which version of the game was the best one, I’d love it if Rayman 2 was remade into a definitive version that combines features from all the other releases!  Now that would be something!