Halo Infinite Online Might Just Remain a Disaster

Halo Infinite has been an utter mess since the word “go!,” and it’s looking more and more like it’s going to stay that way. First, the long-promised, mostly-functional, co-op mode gets scrapped due to a need to “re-allocate resources,” and then everything gets pushed back once again. The game has gone almost a year with many core features absent, and actually present features suffering from crippling bugs. So much for the “infinite” part of the title, eh?

Well, it seems that many of the bugs are going to remain for at least a while longer. These include horrible player netcode, ping problems, matchmaking problems and malfunctioning weapons. It’s bad enough to launch with these things, worse still to have them persist for over a year, and now Exputer has learned that 343i hasn’t even identified what’s causing any of them! A year later and they still haven’t even figured out how to begin addressing major bugs in their game! Amazing!

Halo is still Microsoft and Xbox’s flagship franchise, so to see it handled so poorly is utterly baffling. Features that have been staples for over a decade are either not here, or severely crippled by bugs, and 343 seems totally incapable of handling any of it. I get that the developers themselves are doing the best they can, but the mismanagement on all levels is absolutely inexcusable for a franchise so storied and important. If Halo is going to persist past this disaster, it’s going to need some newer, more capable hands at the helm.

What do you think of all this? Think Halo Infinite can still recover? Should fans still support it after all this?

Image from Halo Waypoint