#Spooptober Returns!

When a chill hits the air and the dark nights grow darker, we know that the Halloween season is upon us, and that means it’s time again for spooky game posts! We here at Virtual Bastion have heralded in October with celebrations of all things scary when it comes to video games. From horror games to spooky places to oddball characters, and everything in between, it’s all great fun to write about and remember during this spookiest time of year. Last year we took a turn towards covering “spoopy” games and things within them – that which is both spooky and amusing. And because our celebration of Spooptober was so nice, we decided to do it twice. Yes, this year, Spooptober returns!

While our previous month of Spooptober posts explored the subject generally, this year our focus is a little more, well…focused. In games, there are often characters who appear scary at first, but then they turn out to be nice, amusing, and friendly. This “don’t judge a (spooky) book by its cover” is our theme for the month. We’ll be highlighting some of our favorite spooky characters who were really just spoopy, well-intentioned, even harmless individuals. Maybe they didn’t all become our “best” friends, but neither did they hamper our journeys nor quell any questing. In fact, some of them were integral to a storyline, and others provided welcome moments of levity.

Our return to Spooptober begins next week, and we’ve got a great line-up planned that covers characters from games of different styles and genres. After all, no two spoopy characters are alike, and each post will bring something new to our Spooptober celebration. We hope you’ll join us throughout the month of October for plenty of spoop-tacular fun!