This October is #Spooptober!

If you’ve followed our site for a while, you’ve probably seen that we always enjoy celebrating October with a month of spooky posts that highlight creepy, eerie, and odd things in video games, including the games themselves.  We’ve covered everything from classic horror games to weird moments in otherwise normal games. We’ve been poets and philosophers and travel guides throughout it all. This year is no different, for we are quite prepared to cozy up to some spooky gaming delights once again. However, we’re putting a mildly cute twist on the topic to celebrate the one and only…Spooptober!

According to an Internet typo from years ago, for something to be deemed “spoopy,” it must be both scary and funny, chilling and yet cute, unnerving and somehow adorable. Anything in life can be “spoopy,” but there’s nothing quite like spoopiness in video games. Sometime it’s expected and evident within a game right off the bat, and sometimes it catches the player totally by surprise. Granted, each of us perceives that which is and isn’t spoopy differently, so “your mileage may vary,” as they say. But, we can all probably agree that games and gaming moments that readily combine the cute and spooky usually provide plenty of enjoyment.

And so, we hope that you’ll join us next week as we kick off #Spooptober – a month in which we revel in and share some of our favorite spoopy video game characters, places, things, and whatever else we can conjure up. From the unusual to the outrageous, no shortage of spoopy fun awaits here on Virtual Bastion!