Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is Coming to Game Pass

Microsoft just keeps on adding value to their Game Pass service for Xbox. Not only have they snapped-up some of the biggest publishing firms and studios in gaming, they’re also securing plenty of deals with other, independent companies. Their latest victory: having Team Ninja’s Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty available as soon as the game launches.

video from YouTube channel: Playstation

While Microsoft must certainly be paying these companies a hefty amount to get them to forgo launch period sales, it seems money isn’t the only motivating factor. According to an MP1st interview with Wo Long Producer Fumihiko Yasuda, it seems that Team Ninja agreed at least in part because they hope more people will try the game.

Team Ninja games aren’t exactly easy, and that reputation might be scaring some people off from their games, so the reasoning is sound. If people don’t have to pay upfront, then maybe they’ll be more willing to give Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty a chance. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m certainly thinking about it now. I got to give it a try at TGS 2022 last weekend, but I’m still not sure I would actually by something that’s so, uh, punishing.

Of course, this might play into one of Game Pass’s potential problems: that of the games losing value since they’re so much easier to acquire. That’s a topic for another time though. For now, this is good news for anyone who’s on the fence about this one.

How do you feel about Game Pass? Does it make you more willing to try new things? Will you give Wo Long a try now?

photo by Hatm0nster