Resonance: The Wastes Where Life Began

Our newest Resonance post covers a song from the recently released Kirby and the Forgotten Land, my new personal favorite game in the Kirby series.  One of the game’s many positives is its awesome soundtrack and subtle world-building, with prime examples of both being found in the desert known as the Wastes Where Life Began that serves as world five.

Video from Youtube User: Nintendo Melody

This desolate desert was once actually an ocean, as the discerning eye might notice long-dead coral and giant clams, scattered wave breakers, and even a lone squid still patrolling the area (which is just a bit too sad if you ask me).  This bleak, windswept landscape is, fittingly, where the difficulty of the game starts to pick up, and right after a rather emotional blow story-wise, no less!

The music that plays here really captures this next phase of the game perfectly.  This is when the threat starts to feel more real and the stakes have become more personal, with the music becoming more intense to fit the harsh atmosphere of the desert.  Furthermore, the repeating parts of the song really help to drive home the feeling of being in a relentless sandstorm that just won’t let up.  It’s clear that Kirby’s adventure has just gotten a lot more difficult.  Better reload those double Ranger pistols and get moving!