Saving My Friends in Miitopia

As I make my way through Miitopia, the cute and silly RPG where you choose the faces of every character in the game, my next goal was to travel through the volcanic region of Karkaton, at the end of which we explored the castle of Dark Lord Mr. Bean!  Along the way, my ever-expanding team and I rescued all of my past pals, starting with the third member of every team and ending with my very first ally, Psychonauts’ very own Crispin Whytehead.  Oh, how I missed my tiny, ugly dude!

It was very exciting to finally be reunited with my old friends.  Frankly, I didn’t get too attached to my third team and had spent much of the Realm of the Fey thinking about seeing my first two teams again.  The inn has become quite crowded now, and we’re finally making use of all those empty rooms.  Many new relationships have started to form, and I can now focus on trying to grow my relationship with my favorite characters as high as possible to see what new skills are unlocked.  These favorite characters are Crispin and Dr. Loboto from Psychonauts, with which I have reached relationship level…22 or 23 or something.  If I’m remembering correctly, I’m pretty sure we’re “cozy” now.  They are also now permanent members of the team, with the fourth team member being whoever has the lowest level at the moment.

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This is also the point of the game where characters can change jobs, and I took no delay in getting my old cleric job back.  I’d much rather be in charge of healing, so now I don’t have to rely on the computer-controlled characters to manage everyone’s waning health.  The game also got rather difficult…for several battles.  Yes, the game is still fairly easy, so when I was faced with a couple of difficult battles, the change of pace was quite welcome.  But no, that extra challenge was short-lived, leaving me to hope that the next section of the game will require actual effort.

My biggest issue right now, aside from the game’s low difficulty level, is the repeat character interactions.  We have gotten some new outing locations, like star gazing and cooking classes, which are fun enough.  But I’m getting rather bored of the same old interactions at the inn.  “We need to agree on some rules for our room.  Cleaning.  Wow, you look like a new person in that tacky wig.  Training time…their bond is as strong as their muscles!”  Yeah, yeah, I’ve seen it all a million times before!

Crispin and Dr. Loboto have fun with karaoke

For a game where relationships are a big deal, I sure am getting sick and tired of watching my characters say the exact same things to each other.  They really needed enough variety to get through a game of this length with minimal repeats.  As I mentioned earlier, outings are the only things that are still fun, but who knows when those are going to get stale?

I’m assuming that I’m on the last leg of the main game (there should be some post-game content, as well).  At this point, my remaining hours could go one of two ways.  I could grow tired of Miitopia and be grateful the journey is at an end or find some fresh new content that will challenge me in a way that the rest of the game didn’t.  I suppose there’s only one way to find out…but until then, one thing is quite certain.  I’m really going to miss my Mii friends once the game is well and truly over!  Even if I’m starting to grow a bit weary, I can’t deny it’s been a memorable journey!

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