Helping the Fab Fairies in Miitopia

I recently recorded part 3 of my Miitopia playthrough, which saw the formation of my third and, presumably, final team.  This time, I created all three of my new team members’ Mii’s, with their identities being as follows.  Charlotte, the energetic cat, joined the team first.  She is actually meant to resemble my character from Animal Crossing: New Horizons.  After that came two characters from The Legend of Zelda series, Medli from Wind Waker and Ghirahim from Skyward Sword.  Seeing as I was trying to utilize some of the new jobs, I ended up making Medli a kind flower and Ghirahim a stubborn imp.  I had since changed to the princess job, and I must admit, it felt rather odd not being in charge of healing this time.  (That role fell instead to Medli, and she didn’t always stay on top of things as much as I would have liked.)

The new land we explored was the Realm of the Fey, a forested location where we appear to be the size of a bug.  Or perhaps everything was just really huge.  During this time, we fought turkeys with disturbingly big butts, my characters developed a strange obsession with tomatoes, and we assisted the residents of the Elven Retreat, including the three Fab Fairy sisters.  The faces I chose for them seemed quite obvious, as I picked the three goddesses from the Zelda series, Din, Farore, and Nayru.

We were actually joined by the Fab Fairies during this leg of the adventure (only one accompanied us at a time), and the additional help was quite nice, considering the game was getting just a tad more difficult.  Even so, our adventure has still been rather easy thus far, and I typically refuse to use the copious amounts of sprinkles (for restoring HP and MP) that have since been bestowed upon me because it almost feels like cheating!  I heard that the game becomes difficult at the end, and I rather look forward to some actual challenge eventually.

Charlotte and I watch some sheep float away…

While I’m still having a lot of fun with this game, I have to admit that I didn’t become quite as attached to my third team.  Maybe it’s because I already used up my top character choices for my first two teams.  Maybe I was put off by the fact that this team used some of the weirder jobs.  Or maybe my team had simply been kidnapped one time too many, so the desire to bond with them just wasn’t as strong.

Whatever the case may be, I’ll admit that I spent much of the Realm of the Fey looking forward to completing it and getting my old team members back.  I heard that, after your third team gets taken by the Dark Lord, you can finally rescue all of your previous allies and fight alongside whomever you want.  And so, I’ve just gotten rather excited to see my old friends again, especially Crispin and Dr. Loboto (I became a big fan of Psychonauts recently).  As for my third ally, there are apparently two secret jobs that you can unlock later in the game, so one of them can fill that final empty spot (in my team and in my heart).

Video from YouTube User: Virtual Bastion

Despite struggling to bond with my final team, and despite really not being a fan of most of the jobs remaining after team two was kidnapped (I still haven’t used tank, and I never plan to), Miitopia has still made for a surprisingly good time.  I’ve just grown a bit tired of repeatedly starting over with new team mates and having to start from scratch with a new job of my own.  Anyway, for the upcoming part 4, Karkaton, here I come!

Also, if you wish to use my new Mii’s, screenshots of them, along with my Access Key, are available below.

Medli from Wind Waker
Ghirahim from Skyward Sword

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