Digital Extremes Announces ‘Soulframe’

After spending the last several years being known for and working exclusively on one single game, Warframe, Digital Extremes has finally announced a new IP. The new game, Soulframe, looks as though it’s inspired by its predecessor, but the setting appears to be completely different. Rather than science-fantasy, this one seems to be going for a more earthy, mystical feeling.

Video from YouTube channel: MP1st

There’s very little info about Soulframe available at the moment, but Digital Extremes has confirmed two things: it takes place in a fantasy setting, and it’ll be an MMO. Well, I suppose that means that Warframe fans’ll be happy at least. Here’s hoping that the grind/ core gameplay loop will be a little less daunting this time around.

It’s always interesting to see one-game studios make the leap to new IP, isn’t it? It’s a very big risk considering that the company’s fans would likely just be happy with more of the same, and it’s not always a guarantee that it’ll work out. CD Projeckt Red and the Cyberpunk 2077 fiasco are a prime example of that. Even so, it’s an exciting thing to see since success means another awesome game to play. Here’s hoping Digital Extremes can pull this off well!

Are you looking forward to Soulframe? Are you already a fan of Warframe? How would you like to see the two differ from each other?

Image captured from the announcement trailer