Starfield Gameplay Revealed at Last!

After four years of waiting, we finally have an idea of what kind of game Bethesda’s next big IP, Starfield, is actually going to be. While there definitely seems to be an element of procedural generation here a la No Man’s Sky, there also appears to be some distinctly old school RPG features too. It’s probably still way too early to tell how well the game pulls-off this mix, but it’s encouraging to see the attempt being made regardless.

Video from YouTube channel: Bethesda Softworks

All I can say after watching this is: I hope Bethesda can actually make this happen. Based on what I’m seeing here, Starfield might just be the most ambitious game I’ve seen since, well…Cyberpunk 2077, and we all know how that turned out. I don’t bring that up to dump on what’s being pitched here, not at all. This absolutely looks fantastic, but we’ve seen these sorts of promises before. Heck, we’ve even seen “gameplay” for other games before, and it’s often turned out horribly. Even Bethesda’s last project wound up being a massive disappointment.

So, while I’d love to believe that this game really is going to be this expansive, I need to see the real thing in action first. If Starfield somehow lives up to the hype that this trailer is sure to generate, then it’ll likely be a once-in-a-generation game and a personal dream come true for me. That’s IF it’s able to deliver. I don’t know about you, but I’m not willing to get swept up in AAA hype anymore after being so massively disappointed so many times already.

Are you psyched for Starfield? Do you think Bethesda still has it in them to make a good game? Are you going to wait and see?

Image from the Starfield Xbox Store page

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