New Concept Art Shown for The Callisto Protocol

Remember The Callisto Protocol? No? Don’t feel bad if you don’t. It was initially announced almost 2 years ago now, and absolutely nothing new has been discussed or shown since then. The developer behind it is Striking Distance Studios, a relatively new company mostly comprised of former Visceral Games developers. Recently, they shared some new artwork, and the CEO has hinted that the time to fully pull back the curtain on the project may be coming soon.

Video from YouTube channel: IGN

With the untimely death of the Dead Space series, news of a potential spiritual sequel was quite exciting for many of us fans. It doesn’t make up for EA’s decision to leave Isaac Clarke’s story on a sour cliffhanger, but it’s nice to know that something of a similar atmosphere and feel may be coming soon.

Yes, there is the Dead Space remake, but that’s just the first game all over again, and there’s no guarantee that a proper sequel will come even if it sells well. With the Callisto Protocol though, there’s a real chance to enjoy more of what made Dead Space so special. This new art is definitely promising too, so here’s hoping the rest of the game turns out great too.

Are you interested in the Callisto Protocol? Got any concerns about the project? Do you think Dead Space will ever make a proper return?

Image from The Callisto Protocol website