Dead Space Remake Team Outlines Vision, Sounds Good So Far

Last week, EA shocked just about everyone with a surprise trailer for Dead Space Remake, which is exactly what it sounds like. After ignoring the series for almost 8 years, EA has finally decided to acknowledge Dead Space’s enduring popularity, and I guess it’s plan is to test the waters with this remake first. It’s certainly exciting to see Dead Space return from the proverbial grave, but then it must be remembered that it was in fact EA that killed both the series and its maker: Visceral Games in the first place. So the question off supporting this might leave fans in something of a quandary. As for the remake itself, it seems like the team behind it has their hearts in the right place at least.

Video from YouTube channel: IGN

Per their own statements on EA’s news blog, the developer tasked with bringing Dead Space Remake to life, EA Motive, is committed to making the best possible version of the game. Many of the leading members were fans of the original game long before their careers in game development began, and at least one member was the art director for Dead Space 2. So, if nothing else, these guys at least have some passion for this project.

They were also quick to point out that this game is in fact a remake. They are rebooting the series with a new story, and they aren’t simply upscaling the original Dead Space for a quick and dirty HD port. This is a brand new Dead Space being made from scratch, with aspects being tweaked in order to make it feel more like a modern game. It seems that they’re being careful about the changes they’re making, as changing too much risks making Dead Space in to something else.

Effects-wise, they said that they’re working with things like volumetric lighting, 3D audio and more particles instead of sprites. Apparently the goal is to further enhance the USG Ishimura’s already dense, tension-filled atmosphere. They’re also aiming to have the entire experience be seamless: one big load in the beginning, and then nothing but game from there on. It all definitely sounds good and even ambitious. So here’s hoping they’re able to accomplish everything they’re setting out to do here.

As for supporting this game and any future Dead Space titles goes, that’s a tough one. I don’t want to reward EA after everything they’ve done, but at the same time I’d like to see them make better use of Dead Space and all the other single-player IP they’ve just been sitting on for almost 10 years now. I don’t know…perhaps this is one of those occasions where the best thing to do is buy the game, but only once it’s on sale.

What do you think of Dead Space Remake? Are you happy to see it? Annoyed? Think you’ll buy it or pass on it?

Lede image from EA News site