Saluting our Favorite Silly Scoundrels!

As has become tradition, each April here at Virtual Bastion, we like to feature posts that celebrate the spirit of April Fool’s Day. In the past, we’ve covered everything from our favorite ridiculous characters, to April Fool’s-themed gaming pranks, to silly games and gaming moments. The theme we’ve chosen this year “Silly Scoundrels,” and oh, what a good time we will have with these “bad” characters! The individuals we’ll be featuring are our favorite villains, crooks, rascals, and rogues in games.

These are your mad scientists, genius schemers, nutty professors, and conniving conspirators who perhaps take themselves a bit more seriously than the rest of the world. For all their attempts at world domination, these folks aren’t exactly the sharpest of tacks. Sure, they may be big and boisterous and like to make things go “boom!”, but more often than not, their impractical, over-the-top ways make for harebrained plans that result in amusement, at least on the part of the player, rather than actual success. These silly scoundrels promise revenge while making us laugh, and who doesn’t love to laugh? (Well, except for them, maybe.)

What better way to put evil (or “evil”) in its place by roasting the characters who try a bit too hard, spout off a bit too much, and still keep coming back for more no matter the number of times they see defeat. Their collective determination is adorable, and they remain some of our favorite enemies, maybe even “frenemies,” because of it.  With that, we hope you’ll join us in April, starting on the 4th, as we send up our favorite #sillyscoundrels in gaming, past and present, all month long!