Final Fantasy – Stranger of Paradise is Here

Whether we wanted it or not, the latest Final Fantasy spin-off game: “Final Fantasy: Stranger of Paradise” is here. Should they want to, fans can now take up the hunt and hopefully kill Chaos for good. Heck, Jack (our main character) might not even wait for the player to get it done. As we all learned in the reveal trailer, he really wants to kill Chaos.

Video from YouTube channel: Final Fantasy

All jokes aside, reviews seem to indicate that Final Fantasy: Stranger of Paradise might actually be pretty decent. So, fans probably won’t lose out all that much if they should decide to check it out. As for me, I’m probably going to give this one a pass. I was never a huge Final Fantasy fan to begin with, and the most recent games really haven’t done anything to change that.

What about you though? Will you be giving this one a shot? How do you feel about Final Fantasy in general?

Image from the Final Fantasy: Stranger of Paradise website