Songbird Symphony: Demo Review

My newest demo review covers an adorable little game called Songbird Symphony, in which an orphan chick named Birb sets out to find where he came from. This game is a platformer with musical elements, and what it lacks in difficulty, it makes up for in charm!

During the short time I spent playing the demo (roughly 20 minutes), I engaged in very light platforming, broken up by the occasional rhythm section. The platforming is extremely easy, and the game appears to have no enemies. Exploration found me a few optional feathers and a handful of random, but pleasant, characters that I would have otherwise missed. There were a few times where rhythm was needed to progress by pressing up on the control pad to make Birb sing, but most of the platforming merely consisted of jumping and gliding from place to place.

The rhythm is where I struggled the most, though I can’t say this sort of thing has ever been my strong suit. The rhythm section with Uncle Pea was pretty easy, even for me, as it only required me to press a single button in time with some simple music. But when it came to the section with the owl, I had no idea what I was doing. Even then, I eventually managed to get through it (albeit with a C), leading me to assume the game is pretty forgiving to those like myself who don’t have the slightest semblance of rhythm.

The game is roughly 5-6 hours and costs $16.99. Considering how easy this game was, I imagine the main audience is for younger kids and those who are just getting into the rhythm genre because even I was able to flounder my way through eventually. While I don’t have any desire to play more of the game myself, I am at least tempted to see what happens, as I can’t help but wonder where little Birb’s journey will take him.

Video from YouTube User: Virtual Bastion

This post was originally published on The Duck of Indeed on September 29, 2021.