Ghostwire Tokyo Will Have 6 Different Graphical Modes

Ghostwire Tokyo is on its way and it seems that players are going to have a lot of choice when it comes to how they want to experience their game. As of today, Tango Gameworks has confirmed that the game will have six display modes when it launches on March 22.

Quality Mode

With quality mode, Ghostwire Tokyo will run at 30fps with 4K resolution. Other features designed to improved presentation such as Ray-Tracing will also be enabled

Performance Mode

In performance mode, Ghostwire Tokyo will run at up to 60fps, but at a lower resolution and special features like ray-tracing.

High Frame-Rate Quality Mode

In this mode 30fps is the baseline rather than the cap, allowing the game to run in what is essentially a higher framerate Quality mode. Screen-tearing has been reported in this mode though, so other outlets aren’t recommending it at the moment.

High Frame-Rate Performance Mode

This is basically Performance Mode, but it allows the game to run above 60fps if possible. Again, this might sound nice but screen-tearing has been reported while running the game like this. Apparently the developer is looking to eventually fix it with a patch post-release.

High Frame-Rate Quality Mode With V-Sync/High Frame-Rate Performance Mode With V-Sync

These are the same as the previous two modes, but with V-Sync enabled. Apparently this is the one that is most recommended as the screen-tearing problem is largely mitigated.

Are you psyched for Ghostwire Tokyo? What do you think of having so many different presentation modes?

Image from the Ghostwire: Tokyo website