64 Bits Reimagines BioShock Infinite as a SNES Game

It’s always interesting to think about games out of time. For example; what if Ocarina of Time had been a Gamecube game, or what if Halo had come out for the original PlayStation? Well, the guys over at 64 Bits asked a similar question: “What if BioShock Infinite had been a SNES game?” The result, a game that I wish had been on the Super Nintendo! Check it out below!

Video by YouTube channel: 64 Bits

Alas, this video is all that there is of this alternate-reality BioShock Infinite. It’s quite fun to imagine what kind of game it would actually end up being since it lends itself quite well to both the platformer and Metroidvania genres.

Personally, I imagine it turning out as something similar to Super Castlevania IV: a tough action-platformer wherein Booker relies more on guns and some special abilities to dispatch hordes of enemies. There’s some good platforming to be had too thanks to how the Sky Hook works. Ah well, maybe we’ll see something close to this come out of the indie space someday.

What do you think of this version of BioShock Infinite? Would you play it? What kind of game do you imagine it being if it were on the SNES or Genesis?

Screenshot by Flickr User: JBLivin