Vitua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown Goes to Kamorocho Today

The newest collaboration for Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown goes live today, and this time it’s crossing-over with Sega’s Yakuza series. As of today, December 8, fans can enjoy a bunch of new costumes and customization items inspired by Kiryu and his buddies in the Yakuza games. Check out some of it in the trailer below.

In addition to the cosmetic items, fans can now also enjoy some of the Yakuza series’ music as they try to fight their way to the top. Fans of older games in the Virtua Fighter series are also getting a little something in this DLC, as it adds some freshly arranged music from Virtua Fighter 3 and some more stamps to be used in Spectator Mode. It all sounds pretty good, so hopefully the price is right.

Are you a Virtua Fighter fan? What about Yakuza? What do you think of DLC packs like this one?

Image from the PlayStation store page