Rumor: New Compulsion Games, Obsidian Entertainment Projects Leaked

It’s been a bit since Microsoft acquired Compulsion Games and Obsidian Entertainment, and nary a word has been said about what either studio has been working on since then. That is, there hadn’t been until a couple days ago. IGN has dug up some info, and it seems both studios’ newest projects have been leaked, and their rumored games actually sound pretty interesting.

Starting with Compulsion Games, it seems the minds behind We Happy Few are making something set in a fantasy/magic setting. Okay, there are already plenty of those out there, right? Well, this one will supposedly have a very strong mix of Gothic and US deep South themes. There’s not much else available on the game at the moment, but I have to say that that particular combination is something sounds different to say the least. Hopefully we get an official announcement with more details soon.

As for Obsidian, it seems that they’re currently deep in production on some sort of murder mystery game now that The Outer Worlds is wrapped up. Murder mystery isn’t exactly a well-explored genre, so we have precious few samples of it, and only a handful of its entries are actually good. Obsidian will likely have a tougher time selling this one than they did with their past projects. However, it’s setting is something worth noting. See, instead of something set in either modern times or 1800’s London a al Sherlock Holmes, this game will supposedly be set in 16th century Europe. This period is considered the height of the Renaissance, so there’s a lot of potential for some interesting historical twists to the old murder mystery formula.

Both of these sound intriguing to me, but I suppose I’m a bit more interested in Obsidian’s project simply due to the underused setting and genre, but we’ll see I suppose. Hopefully we can get more details soon!

What do you think of these? Which project are you more interested in?

Image from Outer Worlds promotional website

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